Service provision


We service our clients by providing  

simple solutions to meet their project 

requirements. We achieve this by 

delivering timely and cost effective  results for your building and or development projects. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can best assist you in achieving you desired outcome. 

Services we specialise in


  • Contour / Detail Survey / DTM
  • Construction set outs, Civil, Structural and Mechanical 
  • Certifications (we can assist with), Height or Location certification 
  • Town planning and Drafting services 
  • Engineering (we can assist with), Soil testing, Site classification, Slab / Footing  design 

We can tailor a packages to suit your requirements and budget. 

Our business is your business.


Our 100% Australian owned and operated business has been built on two things. 

Firstly our core values 

  • Honesty 
  • Reliability
  • professionalism 
  • Maximum value for our competitive prices 


and most importantly.  Our people and their extensive experience.


We welcome Tim Ney (Surveyor,Cadastral Endorsement) to our team. Tim will be working on various upcoming projects, and will be joined by 2 new engineering surveyors starting soon. 

We are looking to the future needs of clients, as we move towards 

strategic alliances giving us a greater scope and depth of services.

Keep an eye on our web page for future investment possibilities as we start to move towards our first range of projects, investors from just about all levels of financial capabilities can get a start in the property market. Ask us how?   

Speak to Daniel or James for information.

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Spatial Science Specialists Australia

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